Do you need an extra pair of hands?

Handyy offers a labour only service for help around the home, office or place of work

Call or text/ WhatsApp 07739462855

Handyy help

Handyy offers a labour only service when you need it.

An extra pair of hands by Handyy

Handyy provides a service that includes a labour only that is really useful for homeowners can help with any type of labour around the home that does not fit into any other category. We are professional by nature and can help with all types of scenarios including:


Why offer this service?

Over the time we have been running Handyy we have had many requests from homeowners such as finding keys that have fallen down a drain, to help with lifting items purchased from eBay into a boot of a car. waiting in for a parcel delivery. We have even been asked to babysit (but have kindly declined this).

Its a great service for homeowners that live on their own, for those with limited time but need to do tasks, managing a job or many other. Its like having your own PA who is super practical. In fact we even code websites! 

If you have a request, no matter how odd, drop us an email as we could probably help.

Short notice?

Sometimes you can get let down at the last minute, if that happens then give Handyy a call to see if we can fill that gap.