Glass Staircase in Bath – Measured, Manufactured and Installed by Handyy

What we did.

Handyy was asked to design, manufacture and Install a staircase based on the brief from the client in Bath.

The brief was to design a frameless glass staircase for a home in the city of Bath, serving two key purposes. Firstly, it needed to provide a safe passageway for using the stairs. Secondly, the aim was to create a beautiful, timeless glass banister that would open up the stair area, allowing light to flow freely both upwards and downwards, illuminating the newly positioned kitchen and utility areas.

Staircase with glass panels in Bath UK
Custom Glass staircase in the City of Bath

Bespoke Staircase Fittings

This picture shows the type of button fittings we used. The buttons are screwed into the double-trimming joists that support the adjacent walkway, with the glass sandwiched between the buttons.

This method achieves a minimalistic look for the glass staircase while providing optimal support to meet building regulations load requirements.

Type of Glass used

The glass is toughened and laminated. In the image, you’ll notice that there are two pieces of glass joined together with an interlayer. This interlayer serves two purposes: it keeps the two panels securely bonded and, in case one of the glass panes is damaged, prevents the second panel from failing, thus ensuring user safety from falls. It’s worth noting that if either side of the glass were to be damaged, the interlayer prevents the glass from shattering onto the floor or onto anyone nearby.

How long did it take?

Once the design of the stairs is agreed, the entire process takes around 4-5 weeks from the confirmation of the order. This timeframe includes creating a template of the staircase to ensure precise production of the glass to fit perfectly and final installation.

Who was the Builder?

We were contracted in by S Palmer Builders in Bath. 

Glass staircase from basement to ground floor full height
Glass Balustrade for staircase showing from kitchen to ground floor

The project was nearing completion and we do hope to get some final photography when this beautiful home is handed back over to the client.

Project Info:

Main Contractor – S Palmer
Glass Supplied by – Bespoke Glass Online
Fittings – Kerol Hardware

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