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Does Handyy provide SEO, Audit or build websites for other trades?

If you are a service industry supplier i.e. a Builder, Plumber, Stone mason, electrician or one of the many other trades then Handyy can help.

The SEO and Website Formula we have created has been, tested, tested and then re-tested. 

We have worked with plenty of trades and have provided similar search results as for our own website.

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SEO for Handymen, Handyperson and Handywomen across the UK

Handy is a professional handyman service based in Melksham but offers other Handyman business owners who are just starting their journey into the trade a successful way to reach audiences in the UK. We can offer websites and SEO services that target the right audience and get that phone ringing

One of the biggest issues we found when starting our handyman business was being new to the area we serve and outreach to customers. Local handyman competition even in a small town was high.

Handyy created the handyman website in the right way, now finding new customers daily to the point of looking at growth. 

Genuinely, our research proved homeowners really are looking for handymen and women to  to repair adjust and help with their homes and if your website is built, adjusted or structured in the right way, your website will find those people and your calendar will fill up easily.

When we started Handyy we hit many walls and fierce local competition, but have managed to prosper where other business are still trying ( handy is 8 weeks old at the time this page was wrote

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Handyman SEO services

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Handyman Website SEO by Handyy

Improve your website in search with our tried and tested formulas. Handyy , providing support for handymen and women across the UK - Local Search - PPC - Search Engines

Your Digital Handyman

Find Out how Handyy can help your Handyman website grow!

Handyy offers various digital services for handymen/ women including website SEO, website Audits and Website building. We only work with Trades and the construction industry as its our Niche.

We can offer a no obligation 15 mins to discuss your current website, its position in search and what potential growth could become of it. Its 15 minutes of goodness Handyy offers for free.

You are welcome to discuss a new website or a refurbished website.

Types of calls we typically receive daily are from Landlords, Domestic customers and Commercial properties.

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