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At Handy in Bowerhill, we’re your trusted local handyman service, proudly serving not only Bowerhill but also its neighbouring areas and the local Industrial estate. Sat on the edge of Melksham, Wiltshire, we’re committed to taking care of all your home, property, and commercial maintenance needs.

Our team at Handy brings you a wealth of professional expertise and a transparent pricing structure based on hourly rates. Beyond Internal repairs, decorating and garden maintenance, our versatile skills encompass a wide range of services, from plumbing to shelf hanging and even furniture assembly. We’re your go-to choice for efficient, reliable, and honest handyman services in Bowerhill and its beautiful surroundings.

Count on us to simplify your life and look after your property. Call us today for all your handyman needs in Bowerhill, Falcon way and Halifax Road in Wiltshire, and discover how we can make your living and working spaces even better

Elderly resident or homeowner discount

For senior residents in Bowerhill, we’re pleased to offer a flat rate discount, providing savings while we continue to care for your home or assets. Discover more about our special discounts for the elderly. You can trust us, as we are fully insured and possess up-to-date CRB checks, ensuring extra reassurance when working on your Shaw home or property.

Rental or AirBnB properties in Bowerhill

Handy are currently looking after a handful of properties in the Melksham area and looking to grow their portfolio of maintained rentals. If you have a rental and need a maintenance schedule, trusted and reliable person, Contact us to see how we can help you keep your properties well maintained and profitable.

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