Handyy Helps Out with Luxury Engineered Oak Flooring Company

What we did.

Handyy's services were required to help with the delivery and movement of new wooden flooring from Herefordshire to Bristol

A phone call just a few days ago from a company called Hard Decor requiring extra hands for movement of 500 m2 of Flooring to an area in the centre of Bristol with limited access. 

Handyy stepped in with the organisation of a team to help with Hard Decors Logistical issue to the narrow roadway that the scheduled vehicle could just not access.

Hard Decor Supplies Luxury Engineered Oak Flooring

Luxury engineered oak flooring
Luxury Engineered Oak Flooring by Hard Decor

Wooden Flooring by Hard Decor

When the road is narrow

Handyy was able to move the shipment quantity from the articulated delivery vehicle and tranship to a LWB transit and move the 150 yards to the floorings final destination (in House ) within just a few hours. 

How long did it take to organise

We had just a few days to site visit, check logistics and organise labour to accomplish the delivery on behalf of Hard Decor to their client.


Who is Hard Decor?

Hard Decor is a small team of experienced retailers of Flooring and other finishes you may find around the home. I would say they are aimed at the luxury market based on the type of Engineered Oak flooring we delivered and from what Is available on their website.


Both Simon and Mark who we dealt with gave us great feedback on the job we carried out and have mentioned other projects in the pipeline that we may be able to assist.

Van hire was supplied by TJ in Melksham

Project Info:

Van Hire – TJ Vans Melksham
Flooring Supplied by – Hard Decor
Delivery Location: Bristol

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