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  1. Emergency Business Access: Key safes are essential for secure storage of an emergency-use key in business premises, ensuring authorised personnel can gain access swiftly when needed.

  2. Access for Carers and Nurses: Key safes provide a secure and convenient way to grant access to the homes of elderly individuals by carers or nurses, guaranteeing their well-being and safety.

  3. Holiday Home Guests: Key safes are a must for storing front door keys in holiday homes, allowing guests easy and secure access during their stay, improving their overall experience.

  4. Spare Key for Family: Key safes offer a reliable option for storing a spare key for use by children or family members when your primary key has been misplaced, preventing lockout situations.
  5. Access in Sheltered Housing: For residential sheltered housing schemes, key safes ensure easy and secure access to homes for both residents and authorised personnel, enhancing security and convenience.

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Key Safes

Key safe and Lock Box Installation - Wiltshire

Handyy is a professional installer of internal and external key safes and lock boxes for your home and commercial properties. Having a key safe provides safe and secure access for those granted to access your home. We  provide a fixed cost for supply and installation throughout Wiltshire

What is a key safe?

A key safe box is a practical and increasingly popular security solution for homeowners in the UK. It offers a secure and convenient method of storing spare keys, ensuring access only to authorised individuals.

Why have a key safe?

One of the most important reasons for having a key safe box is its role in emergency access. Whether you find yourself locked out of your home, have lost your keys, or need to grant immediate entry to a family member or caregiver, a key safe provides a reliable solution. Emergency services can also access your home without causing any damage, making it a valuable asset during unforeseen situations.

Enhanced security is another key advantage. Unlike the common practice of hiding spare keys under doormats or flower pots, key safes are constructed from durable materials and equipped with robust locking mechanisms. This ensures that your spare keys remain protected against theft and unauthorised access.

Who uses a key safe?

A Key safe is convenient if you are hosting guests, Airbnb renters, or tradespeople. Sharing the access code with them simplifies the check-in process, allowing them to enter your home even in your absence.

Key safes also play a crucial role in securing home deliveries, a growing need in the era of online shopping. By granting couriers access to your home, you reduce the risk of package theft or missed deliveries, ensuring your online orders arrive safely.

Key safes are an effective measure against lockouts, a common inconvenience. Instead of having to call a locksmith, you can simply retrieve your spare key from the safe, providing you with an easy and cost-effective solution.

Find some popular uses for a key safe:

  • House
  • Commercial unit
  • Office
  • Sports club
  • Shed/ Garden
  • During house improvements
  • Airbnb
  • Holiday Let
  • Schools / Clubs
  • Garages
  • Self Storage units

Using a key safe for the elderly 

Key safes are invaluable for those with vulnerable family members, such as the elderly or individuals with specific medical needs. Caregivers or medical professionals can access the home when required, ensuring the well-being and safety of loved ones.

In addition to all these benefits, key safes eliminate the need for hiding spare keys in obvious locations around your property, which can be an invitation to burglars. They are designed to withstand the UK’s unpredictable weather, offering protection to your spare keys year-round.

Ultimately, having a key safe box provides peace of mind. Whether you’re away on vacation or at work, knowing that you have a secure and accessible backup plan for home access can boost your confidence in the security of your home. Key safes are easy to install, often coming with clear instructions and mounting hardware, making them a practical and cost-effective addition to your home security measures. If you access your key safe box in the night time then consider an outdoor porch light or external lighting

Key safe Installation

If you’re considering installing a key safe in Wiltshire, look no further than “Handyy.” They specialise in providing key safe installation services and can help ensure your home remains secure and accessible to those you trust.


Handyy offer contracting works for larger organisations or for those who are looking to get a key safe installed in the Wiltshire areas. Please do call if you have a roll out of installation for this type of service

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