Protecting capital after a large win or inheritance!

Imagine winning the EuroMillions jackpot. If you’re the sole winner, you could start with at least £14 million.

For fun, and to dream a little, we’ve created a Lottery Winnings Investment Calculator designed to safeguard your initial winnings, enabling you to comfortably live off the interest for the rest of your life. While the tool below does not offer financial advice, it uses data from historical investments to estimate annual income from interest and demonstrates the potential growth of your wealth through compounded interest.

Toward the bottom, you’ll also find considerations for property purchases tailored to the size of your winnings. ( the bigger the win the more the house)

 This calculator is a playful exploration of managing a sudden windfall, providing a glimpse of how structured investments can sustain long-term financial wealth.

To change the amount won, just use the browser refresh button… saves me a bit of coding!


Euromillions Lottery Investment Calculator

Comprehensive Lottery Investment Calculator

Investment Allocation and Expected Income

This table shows how your total winnings are distributed across different types of investments, like stocks or real estate. It also displays the expected yearly income from these investments before and after tax.

Investment Type Allocation (%) Expected Annual Income (£) After Tax Income (£)
Total Expected Annual Income - -

Projected Savings Over Time

This table calculates how much your investment would grow over 10 and 20 years, assuming you reinvest 80% of your earnings each year and withdraw 20%.

Investment Type Value After 10 Years (£) Value After 20 Years (£)

House Purchase Details

This section outlines how much of your winnings are allocated to purchase a house, with a direct link to search for properties in London within a specified price range.

Description Amount (£)
House Purchase Fund -
Search Properties Search on Rightmove

Note about the calculator

A handyman by day and a little bit of a geek by night, I like to build stuff including calculators for various tasks. This includes are popular decorating cost calculator and also our patio cost calculator