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If you have sold your home and looking to move, it can be a very stressful time. With a hundred and one things to do before and on MOVE day, let Handyy help with the move and ease the pressure just a little bit.

There are those jobs that the removal men won’t do for instance un-plumb and re-plumb a washing machine.  Moving your IT equipment safely and without loosing wires. Or perhaps  take down your favourite light fittings or even remove the TV’s from the wall mounts etc

This is a good time where Handy can help with all of the above and much more. 

PS. if you need an amazingly efficient removal company, then Handy recommends  Ezee Movers in Melksham

Why use Handy to help with your house move in Melksham

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What Happens On Move Day?

Exciting but stressful, everything happens on Move day, household items, personal belongings, children, pets, food… you name it it’s going to be moved from one place to another. Move day is Move day and typically in the UK happens on a Friday!


When moving OUT of a Melksham property, Handy can help.

Handyy helps to ensure that move day goes just that little bit more smoothly. Find some of the help Handyy provides its customers on or pre move day. Many people don’t realise until the day that the below jobs are not always carried out by the removal company or removal team. With Handy being at your new or vacating home, our presence can allow you to focus on the more important part of moving

Pre Move disassembly

Pre Move – We can disassemble items of furniture, Beds, Sofas, Tables, complex items and other types of furniture that will save time on move day. This generally speeds up the process when move day comes about.

De-mounting of Televisions and Flat screens TV's

If you have wall mounted Television or flat screen TV’s we can dismount them from the wall and safely pack them with cables, mounts and the remote control. We have seen many an occasion where the remote control has been lost, screws or fixings and worse the power cable has been forgotten. Once removed, we can Fill the holes where the TV was positioned and if there is paint available, we can make the repaint to the wall.

Un Plumbing and Moving washing machines

A reasonably easy task until you realise a) the washing machine is heavy to move b) it all goes wrong and there is water all over the floor ( an extra job to do on top of everything else). Handy can come and un-plumb your washing machine, make sure there are no leaves and the remaining pipework is off and not leaking. 

Handyy can replumb the washing machine back into your new property also.

Light Fitting Removal

Having those favourite or personalised light fittings, sconces or lampshades which are either sentimental, or just cost a shed load of money. Why should they be left behind? We can remove you light fittings and leave the old house with blanks or cover plates and leave the electrical wiring in a safe manner for the new incoming house owner ready for their fittings.’

Attic Spaces

The overwhelming pile of kept items and personal belongings that need to be sorted but are in the attic and just maybe you dont like going up there? Well handyy can help with bringing down those items ready for the move or just ready for the tip. 

Moving PC's & IT Equipment

For the non techies out there safe removal of IT equipment can be a chore. Handyy can help with moving all your IT equipment from one home to another with out the loss of wires, the Mouse or other items connected to the PC. Once at your new property, the PC and It equipment can be set up as before and ready to use ( pending internet connections/ broadband). Handy can also help with Removal of Blink cameras, Ring doorbells etc.

Curtains and Blinds removal

If not already sold with the particulars of sale, you are most likely going to remove the handmade curtains or roman blinds. These can be expensive and need to be take down with your favourite poles and perhaps re fitted into your new home. Handy can help with with all types of curtains.

Extra Pair of Handyy hands

So for everything else thats left to do, Handy can sweep the home, repair bits and pieces and other small jobs before you hand the keys to the estate agent.

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    An extra pair of hands goes a long way, removed lots of stress from our move day, helped with everything. Handyy are just .. Handy!