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Typical outdoor light replacement

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Need a New Outdoor Light?

Why have an outdoor light?

Outdoor lights or night lights are essential for both safety and security to protect your home. It also helps you when arriving home in the dark to find keys, avoid trip hazards and to greet guests when they visit. Handy keeps your home bright and safe in the dark and at night in for Wiltshire homeowners

Outdoor light repairs

Generally with outdoor lights especially porch lights and wall lights, the main reasons to repair are light bulbs failing or movement sensors failing. That said, sometimes water can enter the light and corrode the internal fittings and cause failure or even wiring damage due to rodents chewing cables!

Handyy can investigate these issues and either repair the broken elements of the light or replace the whole light if its deemed beyond economical repair. We can replace light bulbs in most lights including flood lighting, spot lights, security lights, porch lights and night lights. 


Outdoor light Replacement

If you need a replacement light Handyy can help. Normally external lighting can be replace within the hour. Reasons to change an outdoor light may be due to uneconomical light repairs, want to change the appearance of the light or need a brighter light. 

For an outdoor light Handy has a go-to LED Light fitting combined with a light sensor and movement sensor. This porch light gives an all around 360 degrees light cover. Its great for automation without having to use a light switch to turn on and off. The light also uses led bulbs so will also save on household electricity bills as it is only on when you need it to be and low voltage. 

Types of Outdoor Lights

All of the Lighting products Handyy fits and or installs outdoors are IP rated and fully certified for outdoor use and will come with their respective manufacturers guarantee.

Some of the brands we fit are:

  1. Astro Lighting
  2. Elstead Lighting
  3. Endon Lighting
  4. Nordlux
  5. Eglo Lighting
  6. Collingwood Lighting
  7. Där Lighting
  8. Firstlight Products
  9. Konstsmide
  10. Saxby Lighting


If you are a homeowner over 65 you qualify for a discount also. To make your home secure and accessible did you know Handyy also offers installations of key safes.

Types of light products and services

Light installation and repair - Areas Handyy covers

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