Digitally Printed Glass Doors.

What we did.

Handyy was commissioned to create Custom Digitally Printed Doors to match the interior of this newly refurbished toilet block.

A few months ago, a developer we regularly work with asked if we could make doors that were both glass and had a pattern to match the new design for a WC area in a newly refurbished Pub/Restaurant.

Typically, in nature, this is quite a difficult process to do, getting the right pattern overlaid on the glass, and also for the pattern to book match the walls to complete the style.

The designer we had worked with has mentioned that this is a newer trend that is yet to make its mark in the UK. After producing this glass we can agree, the doors provided look amazing in person and yet to see  elsewhere.

From £490inc Single Door with Digital Print

Custom Painted Print Glass Doors
The Wheatsheaf Ladies Custom Toilet Doors - Chilton Foliat

Add a digital pattern to any Glass.

Why a Printed Glass Door?

There were two main reasons, reason one was so the glass would act as a privacy area within the cubical and two, so the aesthetics of the room design was not compromised.

The Design brief was very particular to having the glass painted with the pattern.

Glass for the use of doors is essential for hygiene within a food environment as it can be easily cleaned and maintained unlike wood or other types of doors, there are hardly any nooks or hiding places for bacteria to reside. 

How close does the printed glass door match to the wallpaper?

Using digital samples of the wallpaper and a high quality ceramic digital printer we were able to provide a very close match on the printed side of the glass. The internal of the door is an almost perfect match where as the glass on the outside reflects slightly. 




Take a closer look.

backpainted toilet door matching wallpaper almost exactly
Backpainted Custom glass door colour match

How difficult was this to achieve?

The difficult task with glass is always providing the correct measurement to glass processors, this includes position of door handles, hinge details and on this occasion locks. Once this has been established, we are able to have the glass made to the exact size.

The printing and baking of the print comes afterwards. The difficult bit is transferring the print alignment with the wallpaper across to the doors. 

As the inside and outside of the cubicle were slightly off we opted to go for matching the outside of the door with the room. You can see from the above picture that the inside of the door is out by some 15mm in its horizontal plain, but we managed to keep the pattern correct on the vertical.

Installing Printed Glass Doors.

The process is the same as if we had to install the glass doors in its normal format. The only difference being slightly more delicate with the handling during transport and positioning into place.

Painted glass doors to match wallpaper
Internal side of the WC with the wallpaper and quality of the glass painted door

Pleased to see.

Enjoying compliments from both the client and the users of the area. The printed doors are hailed a success. Get in touch with one of our representatives for further information about what we can do for you. 

Project Info:

Wallpaper: Sarah Vanrenen
Handles & Door locks: CRLaurence
Sliding Door Mech: Buller
Location: Wheatsheaf Public House 

Printed Door Project Gallery

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