Fitting A Small Area With Quarry Floor Tiles

What we did.

Handyy was asked to make good an area that was used outside of a cloakroom and to replace the Vinyl floor with Quarry Tiles

The brief from the client was to remove and replace the current vinyl floor with Quarry Tiles that were left over from a utility room in the house. The area was at the bottom of the wooden staircase in this beautiful cottage.

The quarry tiles are 6″ square and there was not one 90 degree angle meaning every outer tile had to be cut!

removing vinyl floor covering

Tiling a small area with Quarry Tiles

In the picture we show the Vinyl removed and the base of the floor was concrete. This is perfect for fitting tiles. With the floor now prepared for installation, we set about dry laying the tiles in place so we caould lay them all in one go.

With quarry tiles we have found that the sizes of the tiles can be different so laying them was by eye rather than using tile spacers.

Type of Tile

Quarry tiles are a durable type of unglazed ceramic tile crafted from natural clay, commonly used across the UK in both indoor and outdoor settings due to their robustness.

They are highly resistant to stains and water, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as commercial kitchens and patios. Typically found in earthy tones like red, brown, and grey, their rustic appearance is derived from the mineral content of the natural clays used.

These tiles require minimal maintenance, needing only regular sweeping and the occasional mop. While they are straightforward to install, their density can make cutting them more challenging than other types of ceramic tiles. prevents the glass from shattering onto the floor or onto anyone nearby.

How long did it take?

Cutting and laying of the tiles took approximately 2 hrs to achieve. We had to come back to grout the floor and a final clean of 30 minutes.

Where was the property

The property was a beautiful cottage in the Village of Box Wiltshire.

Quarry tiles laid on concrete floor with grey grout

The project was a small but challenging as each tile on the perimeter had to be cut. That said, the final outcome we achieve was to a satisfactory standard

Project Info:

Tiles: Red Quarry Tiles (Amazon)
Floor Adhesive: Ultra Tile Fix
Grout: Mapei 112 Grey Grout

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