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Wall Mounted LG television with slimline bracket in new home

Flat Screen & TV Wall Mount Service In the Wiltshire Area

Our TV Mounting Service

Handyy is a professional installer of wall mounted TV’s, Flat Screens, Monitors or Display panels in the Melksham area. We  can help with mounting TV’s and Monitors to a wall. Our professionals can install a wide range of TV brands up the the largest size televisions in your living room safely and securely.

TV Wall Brackets

If you are overwhelmed by the choice of TV wall brackets or not sure what to purchase, don’t worry, Handyy can supply the correct wall mount or a suitable bracket to suite the television. If you have already purchase a TV Bracket, it’s not a problem. Either way our TV installation services are professionally done.

We can wall mount TV’s in all rooms in the house including a bathroom (will need the correct IP rated TV) 

Handy can install Monitors in both Domestic Properties and also Commercial properties including Offices, Canteens, Reception areas, Waiting rooms and can provide wall brackets, arms and swivel/ cantilever brackets.

If you need curtains or blackout blinds in the room  you watch your television, did you know we have a blind and curtain installation service?

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Where we can mount a television , Flat screen or monitor

How long does it take to mount a TV on the wall?

An average installation of a wallmounted TV is around 1-2 Hrs depending on chosen size of the television and and location within the property. If you required buried or hidden cables then more time will be needed.

Allow the same for commercial Televisions and Displays.

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Pricing for TV Wallmounting

Our pricing for TV’s includes LED TV’s. Plasma Screens, LCD TV, 4k and 8k screens, Flat screens

Up to 55" TV's

Wall Mounted Installation
£ 55
00 Inc
  • Fully Insured
  • 1 Person Install
  • 2-3 Days

55" - 70" TV's

Wall Mounted Installation
£ 74
99 Inc
  • Fully Insured
  • 1 Person Install
  • 2-3 Days

70" TV's & Over

Wall Mounted Installation
£ 119
00 Inc
  • Fully Insured
  • 2 person install
  • Fully Insured
2 Persons

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of TV wall mounting services does Handyy offer?

Handyy specialises in professional TV wall mounting services for both televisions and flat screens. Our services include secure wall mounting, optimal placement, and cable management for a clean, organized look if required.

Do you offer TV wall mounting for an office or commercial properties?

Yes, Handyy can mount TV's and large screen displays both residential and commercial projects. We regularly install in board rooms, Canteens, Gyms, Reception areas and of course, the home

Do I need to purchase the wall mount bracket separately, or is it included in Handyy's TV wall mounting service?

Handyy offers comprehensive TV wall mounting services, and we can provide the appropriate wall mount bracket tailored to your TV’s specifications as part of our service. You can also supply the correct wall mount bracket.

Does Handyy offer a cheap TV wall mount service?

Our prices are considered very attractive when compared to dedicated television mounting services. Our installation process offers the same style of install and we are more than qualified, Fully insured and always professional.

Is there a warranty period or guarantee for its TV wall mounting services?

As standard, we offer a 1 years Full Guarantee for workmanship and depending on the TV wall mount they are covered by a manufacturers warrantee

What size televisions can you wall mount?

Our most common request is 65" televisions, however other popular sizes include 42", 50", 55", 75" and 85". We have installed televisions over 100" including the HI-Sense 120" Laser Screen TV

Wallmounted TV's and Monitor

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