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Why use Handyy

Handy is a professional trampoline installer and operates throughout Wiltshire. Working with renown top brands and popular brands of garden trampolines including surface mounted and sunken trampolines that give your children the thrill and exercise and occupies their minds with fun and excitement all day long.

We have assembly experience with most brands including JumpPRO, Plum, North Trampolines, Salta, TP and Springfree. You can find also find some good trampolines on Amazon (check the reviews) of which can be purchased for next day delivery for those in a rush!

We don’t sell trampolines but will happily and quickly install them for you for an affordable price. 

Some benefits of having and using a trampoline

Our Trampoline Installation Services

Standard Trampoline Assembly

Standard trampolines are fitted above ground with the framework sat firmly on the finished ground floor. The trampolines height can be anywhere from 2 feet to 4 feet above ground level. Nowadays, there is usually a safety net to stop children falling from that height to the ground. 

Other than the cost of erecting the trampoline there is no other costs involved.

Sunken Trampoline Assembly

Sunken trampolines sit with the finished surface of the trampoline at the same level as the garden floor itself. This means the underside of the trampoline will have to be dug out to the depth of the height of the frame. There are specialist trampoline manufacturers who offer low height trampolines specifically for this installation.

The cost goes up dramatically as the ground will need to be dug out and you may need to consider water drainage also. All plus the cost of the trampoline.. They do look good though!

Trampoline Disassembly Service

If you are looking to move home the we offer a disassembly service and can quickly remove and demount the trampoline, bag up the springs and roll everything up ready for the removal team to collect on your moving day.

If you are just moving locally then we can also re-install the trampoline in the garden of your new home.

Why get Handyy to assemble Your trampoline?

In reality and with a good morning set aside, you can build your own trampoline as many do, especially for the smaller trampolines.

Handyy finds that customers call when they are not the best with DIY projects and when larger trampolines are ordered are to be built. 

Some trampolines can weigh over 100kgs, the protective safety netting systems can also be a little awkward to fit with some brands and the spring loading can be a task.

Handyy provide a good honest assembly process (similar to our flat pack service) with a quick stress free assembly so you don’t have too.

Get a FREE Trampoline in Bad Weather

Quick tip for trampolines. During the blustery weather in the UK, a Customer called to ask us to retrieve a trampoline that was caught in a recent storm and ended up 150 feet away in a bush. 

If it looks like bad or windy weather and you would like to keep your trampoline, just turn it upside down or place some sand bags on the frame so the wind can’t deliver your trampoline to someone else!

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